Pat Badani (MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago) is an artist, researcher, writer and educator whose works are showcased in international venues.

Currently Pat Badani is working on three projects involving new media and investigative research and exchange. She is director, main researcher and producer of the project-in-progress "Al-Grano" focusing on biodiversity issues in Mexico.  The work explores the maze about maize, from the grain’s origin as Mesoamerican divinity to its contemporary transgenic avatars. She is also developing “Comestibles”: a food and culture project exploring notions of hybridity and interculturality using as lens the cuisine she invents and eats as daily practice. Lastly she participates as international network research partner in the collaborative project “RhyCycling - Esthetics of sustainability in the Basel border area", funded by The Swiss National Science Foundation.

A nomad by choice, Badani has lived in 7 countries in the Americas and Europe. This intercultural trajectory in which she has continuously negotiated her position as subject -not only in relation to foreign others but also in relation to diverse forms of knowledge- has motivated her to forge idiosyncratic borders and bridges in projects designed as a laboratory for her to filter her experience in foreignness. Aimed to build knowledge and understanding, much of her work can be seen as an effort to create connective membranes between different languages, geographies and ideologies. Her experimental practice is as fluid as her personal trajectory and deploys various strategies that integrate electronic technologies. Recent projects create discrete communicational spaces in participatory installations that allow citizens-at-large to become actively involved in her knowledge-building process. In these communication forums, connection and exchange through dialogue is at the heart of her artistic concerns.

Badani has occupied full-time academic positions and lectured in the USA, Canada and France. She created and taught the first digital media curriculum in the School of Art at Illinois Sate University, where she also chaired the Visiting Artist Program (2002-2010). Additionally, she was full time lecturer and acting director in the Interdisciplinary Arts Media MFA program at Columbia College, Chicago (2007-08). Currently she is an Officer in the Board of Directors of the New Media Caucus, and Editor-in-Chief of its scholarly publication: "Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus". Badani is a member of CAA (College Art Association), AICA (International Association of Art Critics); LEF (Leonardo Education Forum); IVSA (International Visual Sociology Association); and NMC (The New Media Caucus).

Essays and reviews examining Badani’s works have been published in several languages in international solo and group exhibition catalogues, in art-magazines and journals, and in thematic anthologies. Her own scholarly essays on new media and interculturality have been published in both English and Spanish languages in online and print journals, and in thematic anthologies.

Badani’s work and research have been showcased in ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) in Turkey, in Ireland and in France; FILE (International Electronic Festival & Symposium), in Brazil; Watershed Media Center, in England; MECAD Media Art Center, in Spain; New Forms Festival, London Regional Art Gallery, The Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Museum of New Brunswick, Musée de Madawaska, Musée de Rimouski, and Musée de Bas Saint Laurent, in Canada; Museo de Arte Moderno, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Museo de Monterrey, and Instituto Cultural de Aguascalientes, in Mexico; Espacio Fundación Telefónica, in Argentina; Canadian Cultural Center, Maison de l’Amérique Latine, FRAC Corse et Pallazu Naziunale, in France; The Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University, The Tarble Art Center, I space, and The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, in the USA; to name a few.